Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance Roasting Rodeo

This past weekend in Denver, the Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance (RMCCA) held its first ever Roasting Rodeo.  15 professional roasters from the Rocky Mountain region competed in this roasting competition, held at Copper Door Roasters in Denver.  Each competitor was given 20 pounds of an Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere with the instructions to "roast it to the best of their ability".  The 5 professional judges cupped the coffee on Saturday and on Sunday each roaster was given 5 minutes to present his or her coffee to the judges, their peers and the public.  We are pleased to announce that Roasted placed 3rd in the competition!  Earning a spot on the podium was humbling and a bit surprising considering the quality and experience of the fellow roasters who competed.  We are excited to continue to hone our craft and hope that you find excellence in every cup of Roasted! coffee.